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In Willow class we enjoy working together building our confidence and expertise, experimenting and having lots of fun learning.

We work closely with Year 1 in our learning, often spending the afternoons together.  This time helps to support a healthy transition between year 1 and 2, and allows year 2s and year 1s to support each other.  During the year we cover all subjects in the national curriculum through topic and book based learning.  We also have designated time for PE and dance with our specialist teachers.

Mrs MacGowan enjoys teaching and challenging year 2 with interactive English, reading, phonics, grammar and maths lessons each day, along with Tackling Tables.  Tackling Tables is a card based game, which allows our learners to practice and learn all times tables.  We use this program across the school, in year 2 we focus on blue level which is the ten, five and two times tables.

Mrs MacGowan loves art and design and as our Art and DT subject lead, enjoys crafting and creating with her class.  Willow class has recently created pompom ducks for Easter, decoupage Mothers Day cards, cross-stitch Christmas gifts and a range of art inspired by the greats.

As a class we love nothing more than extending our learning and taking our lessons outdoors, using the beautiful environment around us to learn.  We have an outdoor learning day every week which helps us to consolidate our learning, work as a team, explore and develop our communication skills.

Willow Class
Year 2


Mrs MacGowan - Class Teacher
Supported by Mrs Raynor, Miss Page,

Miss Veale and Mrs Wallis

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rolling planning for each term.

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