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We understand that GDPR rules and regulations can be difficult to understand. Please see the link below to download and read our Privacy and GDPR Notice. This document helps to explain how and when we use and collect yours and your child's data and personal information, it covers how long we keep it and why it is essential for us. It also covers how we delete and remove your and your child's personal data from our setting. 

If you would like any more information or to clarify anything, please contact the office for more information. You also have the right to request any information and withdraw your consent at any time. 

When receiving a FOI request, we will respond within 20 school days (or 60 working days – whichever is shorter) to the request.  The time starts when the school receives the request but extra time may be allowed if further clarification is needed from the requester. A valid FOI request must be in writing (letter, email, social media etc), include the requester’s real name, include an address (postal or email) for correspondence, and describe the information requested. Any information sent will be subject to GDPR and data protection guidelines and in whichever format the school uses. 

Should you have any questions or queries we are more than happy to answer them prior to a FOI request being made. 

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