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Transition into our Nursery 


At Ingoldisthorpe Primary School, we know that starting school can be a difficult time for children and for families. We provide an exciting and engaging environment for children and multiple opportunities for families to come and visit our school. 

To support transition into our Nursery, we run a well attended Toddler group on Friday mornings where parents and children can get used to staff and the school building. When starting Nursery, we advise parents to use taster sessions and smaller sessions for children to settle into our Nursery building up hours to ensure that all children enjoy coming to school and look forward to learning, playing, exploring and seeing friends. 

All of our staff value communication and ensure that clear communication and support is available for parenst and childrne who start our nursery, with regular updates where needed. ClassDojo will show many exciting activities and enable easy communictaion between staff and parents.

Transition into our school 


At Ingoldisthorpe Primary School, we know that starting a new school is a tricky time for many children. For those children in older year groups we offer transition sessions or taster days to enable the children to meet the new staff teams and their classmates. We also ensure that parents and children get to meet and discuss any needs with their new teachers - this enables teachers to make adjustments and ensure a calm and easy transition for each learner. 

Transition between classes 


At Ingoldisthorpe Primary School, we recognise that moving up to a different class or key stage can be very nerve-wracking. To minimise this anxiety and worry, each child in our school is well aware of the teachers and staff and see them regularly throughout the year. We also transition up to our new classes for the last week on the summer term, for that last week we are all able to learn where our coats are put, what our lessons are like, where we sit and what it feels like in our new classes. It helps children and staff alike to get to know their new classes and reduces concerns about the upcoming year. During this time, any year 6 who will be moving onto High School will have the chance to help in each class across the school and reminisce about their time at Ingoldisthorpe. 

Transition to High School 


Our teachers and leadership have key links with our feeder High Schools. Most of our children go onto attend Smithdon High School, Wisbech Grammar or Alderman Peel High School, where our students flourish. We work hard with SENCo's, heads of year and the admin teams to ensure that all information is passed on and that the new schools have accurate and up-to-date academic and social emotional information.

All year 6 children have the opportunity to attend transition days and open evenings (depending on their chosen High School, the amount and duration of these days will vary) as well as chances to meet other students and staff while still at Ingoldisthorpe. We work hard to ensure our wonderful pupils continue onto thrive and acheive at their new schools, keeping in touch and welcoming many of them back for work experience in year 10. 

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