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Clubs And Wrap Around Care

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club begins at 7:30am, children are offered toast, cereal, yoghurts, fruit and drinks.  Adults are available to support children with play, social interaction, eating and school work when they have finished having their breakfast.  


Breakfast Club cost is currently £3.50 per session.


After School Clubs

We offer a wide range of after school clubs, until 4.15pm. Between 4.15 and 5pm tea time club runs allowing children to have toast and a drink before they go home.  Clubs run until 5pm Monday-Thursday, school closes at 4pm on Fridays.


After school club activities include dance, cookery, choir, netball, football, art and crafts, modelling, booster, cricket, woodwork and many others. Clubs are subject to change, scheduling and availability.  Please contact the office for an up to date list and to sign up for any clubs.

Clubs and tea time club currently cost £3.50 per session.

An example of a weekly clubs schedule is below, please be aware these are subject to change, for an accurate and up-to-date list of clubs please contact the office. 

Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 20.54.15.png
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