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With the help and support of Miss Claxton, representatives are elected

from each class. We use our democratic learning to elect 2 children from

each year group to support our students and improve things for everyone. 


Our aims;

  • To help make school life better for everyone in our school

  • To learn valuable democracy and attend meetings respectfully

  • To think about how we can improve the school and work hard to make ideas happen

  • Listen to the ideas of our peers, bringing their ideas to the council meetings

  • To raise money and awareness for charities and causes close to our hearts

  • To care of everyone in our school community and improve our school for them

  • To give pupils a voice and a way of helping to make decisions in school 


Our meetings are held once every half term and in those meetings we write minutes, which are distributed to the classes and fed back by councillors. In each meeting, our chair leads the meetings with the help of Miss Claxton. Any decisions or upcoming events are shared with the classes after the meetings. Each class knows who there councillors are and give them ideas before the meetings, to help improve our school and effect change.


Elections are held once a year at the beginning of the Autumn term. Each class will hold an election and will have a vote by secret ballot or silent voting. 

Recent events and activities

Recently our school council have collected food for the food bank, raised money for children in need and red nose day, we have created games for Christmas fair and have helped to plant trees in our community. We have also written letters to local businesses to gain support for our school and even planted a special tree for the late Queen Elizabeth II.

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