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Statutory and non-statutory assessments

At Ingoldisthorpe Primary School we are proud of our results and the achievements of the children in our care. We regularly take part in assessments throughtout the year and each class has an assessment week at the end of every term. These assessments help to support teachers and children in ensuring the learning is adapted and tailored to the needs of the children. 


From September 2023 the Key Stage One Statutory Assessments (SATs) become optional but as a school, we will continue to check the progress and achievement of the KS1 children ready for their transition into year 3. 

This year the children will sit statutory assessments in;

  • Year 1 - Phonics Screening Check - 10th -14th June 2024

  • Year 2 - Any pupils who did not achieve 32/40 on the Phonics Screening Check

  • Year 4 - Multiplication Tables Check - 3rd - 14th June 2024

  • Year 6 - End of KS2 Statutory Assessments:

    • 13th May 2024 - EGPS 

    • 14th May 2024 - Reading 

    • 15th May 2024 - Maths arithmetic 1 and reasoning 2

    • 16th May 2024 - Reasoning 3

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