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Mrs Maryanne Young

Chair of Governors

Foundation PCC Governor

Mrs Youngs became our chair of Governors in 2023 and has completed a range of training to enable her to support our school leaders and our pupils. She is our safeguarding governor and is responsible for SEND in our school. She is an active governor with two young children in our setting.

Term of office > 18.11.22 - 17.11.26

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Reverend Mark Capron

Foundation Bishops Governor

Reverend Mark works closely with our school and with Dersingham Primary School, where he also serves as a Governor. He has been key in guiding the schools distinctive Christian vision and ethos. He has a passion for supporting our family and is responsible for wellbeing and personal development.

Term of office > 12.7.20 - 13.7.24

Our Governing Board

Our Governing board comprises of 10 volunteer members of our local community including our local incumbent, parent governors, staff as well as other members of the community. The Governors meet for curriculum and finance meetings every half term and as well as a full governing board meeting once per half term. We currently have vacancies, if you would like to become a Governor of our wonderful school, please get in touch with the office or our admin team.

As a Voluntary Aided school the Governing board oversee the running of our school and are very hands on with recruitment, activities, curriculum, finances and in our SIP 
targets. We are very lucky to have an engaged and enthusiastic governing board, who are genuinely invested in the best education for every single child in our school. None of our governors reported any pecuniary interests in our annual register in September 2023.
Although some governors have links to other local schools and/or links within our school community through marriage. 


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Mrs Haley Minns

Foundation Diocesan Governor

Mrs Minns has been a Governor since 2021 and was essential during COVID-19, supporting our staff and pupils through the pandemic. Mrs Minns is repsonsible for monitoring outcomes and data and is very knowledgable about our schools progress and results. She also has 2 young children, one currently at our school.

Term of office > 17.10.21 - 18.10.25


Mrs Charlotte Kivlin

Parent Governor

Mrs Kivlin is our new parent Governor, joining us in 2023, who has a passion for outdoor learning, loves crafts and is a staunch supporter of our staff and pupils. She is responsible for monitoring personal development and welfare within our school. She loves gardening and being outdoors with her two young daughters and her dog.

Term of office > 17.1.23 - 16.1.27

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Mr John Oughtbridge​

Foundation Diocesan Governor

Mr Oughtibridge was teacher and a headteacher, working his long and fruitful career in education, before retiring. He has a huge wealth of knowledge in education. He is responsible for outcomes and data, leadership and management and quality of learning. He has seen his two granddaughters journey through our school and watched our school achieve with them.

Term of office > 12.1.22 - 11.1.26

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Mr Andrew Nicoll

Vice Chair of Governors

Chair of Curriculum committee

Foundation Diocesan Governor

Mr Nicoll is a very experienced governor with extensive knowledge of our school community. He has had links to our school for over 15 years  through his children and loving wife, our bursar. He is a huge supporter of our school and is responsible for leadership and management, welfare and development as well as health and safety.

Term of office > 4.7.22 - 5.7.26


Mrs Julia Norman


Joining our school in April 2024, Mrs Norman is a very experienced Governor, after serving on governing boards for nearly 20 years. She is a huge supporter of our staff and has wonderful new ideas to enable Ingoldisthorpe tp thrive and progress even further. She has enormous knowledge of education, leadership and has the full support of the staff family. 

Term of office > 15.4.24 - 16.4.28


Mr Anthony Gachowicz  Staff Governor

Mr Gachowicz is new to governorship and is enjoying learning the leadership and role of governors. He has worked at Ingoldisthorpe for over 5 years and enjoys the challenge of being a governor. He is responsible for the quality of learning and has extensive knowledge about the running of the school and the education within our setting.

Term of office > 1.3.24 - 2.3.28


Mrs Emily Rix

Foundation Diocesan Governor

Mrs Rix is new to governorship and has begun to train and support our school staff and community. She has 4 young children, 3 of which are at our setting and she is a huge advocate for our school. Mrs Rix is responsible for quality of learning and can often been seen in school with her children and competing governor monitoring. 

Term of office > 6.12.23 - 5.12.27

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Mrs Sarah Bristow

Chair of Finance

Foundation PCC Governor

Mrs Bristow has supported our school for over 20 years, seeing all of her children through our school and go onto many successes. She has a huge finance knowledge and helps to support the school greatly. She also has extensive clerking experience to support our governance team. She is responsible for leadership and management alongside her finance leadership. 

Term of office > 29.9.22 - 30.9.26

Advisory and Support Team


Mrs Amy Taylor

Assistant Headteacher

Advisor to Governors

No voting rights

Term of office >

04.01.24 - 05.01.28 


Mrs Vicky Neal

Clerk to Governors

Office Admin team

No voting rights

Term of office >

04.09.24 - 05.09.28 

Governor Annual Statement 2023-24

Dear Parents and Carers, 

All the governors would like to welcome back you and your children.  It is so nice to finally have the children being able to play together and to welcome parents back into school to attend events and church services. We are very excited to have many changes and growth for our school this year, recognising times ahead of sadness and those of celebration.

All our responsibilities are listed above in the roles document, feel free to download and read at your leisure. Minutes of our meetings are public documents and are available upon request from the office or the clerk.  If you have any questions about the work of the Governing Body please contact Mrs Vicky Neal, Clerk to the Governors via the office. Once agin, welcome back and we look forward to another fantastic year of service to this wonderful school.

Maryanne Young 

Chair of Governors

Material interests and relationships

Reverend Mark is linked as a governor at Dersingham VA Primary School.

Andrew Nicoll is married to our finance officer and bursar, Fiona Nicoll, who advises the governors during finance meetings. 


- Sarah Bristow (Chair)

- Julia Norman

- Maryanne Young 

- Rev Mark Capron

- John Oughtibridge

- Emily Rix

- Fiona Nicoll (Bursar)

- Amy Taylor (advisor)


- Andrew Nicoll (Chair)

- Julia Norman

- Maryanne Young 

- Haley Minns

- Anthony Gachowicz

- John Oughtibridge

- Charlotte Kivlin

- Amy Taylor (advisor)


Mrs Fiona Nicoll

Finance Officer/Bursar Admin team

No voting rights

Term of office > available all of the time to Governors 

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