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In Acorn Class, we provide a programme of learning that has been specially planned for young children to develop in a happy, safe and caring environment. They learn through play in an interactive and exciting setting, that encourages them to explore and make sense of their own surroundings; in both the indoor and outdoor areas – whatever the weather!


Over the course of the year we teach lots of different topics, which are often led and adapted by the interests of the children in the class. Through these topics the children learn vital skills in the seven areas of learning in the early years curriculum, preparing them for their transition into Year 1.


Acorn Class enjoy outdoor learning with Mrs Howarth, who is Forest School Accredited and enjoys taking her classes and lessons outdoors. The children regularly utilise the private, class garden to explore, play and practise their skills. 


Acorn Class staff are highly trained in encourgaing early skills, helping to develop speech and language, socialising and communication, as well as a full and broad curriculum. 


In Acorn Class, each day is different but features phonics, maths and teacher led activities linking to their early learning goals. Each child will be working through their Early Learning Goals and throughout the year, Mrs Howarth will create a physical learning journey to document each childs unique progress and achievements. This record of their early years is a beautiful keepsake and log of their interests, learning and successes - which in time will come home for parents to keep and enjoy.

Acorn Class


Mrs Howarth - EYFS Lead Teacher / DSL
Supported by Mrs Denton and Mr MacGowan

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rolling planning for each term.

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